Pallets & Crates

Companies of all shapes and sizes need wooden and plastic pallets, crates, bins, boxes and corrugated cartons. Avid Supply helps your company by supplying, creating and customizing pallets and crates that will fit any shipping requirement you may have.
Since 1995, Avid Supply has been a major supplier of pallets to companies large and small throughout the Midwest. We have the experience and equipment necessary to provide customized solutions to your business. We work with you to create pallets to fulfill the size, weight and quality requirements needed to successfully ship and store your product.
Pallets & Crates
We offer a variety of stock and custom pallets to fit your shipping requirements for any palletizing application. Avid Supply can design, build and ship any pallet or crate that meets your company’s shipping requirements.
  • Stock size refurbished, used pallets from 20” x 20” to 48” x 48”
  • Cost effective Remanufactured pallets
  • Cost effective Combination pallets (new & used)
  • New pallets any size
  • Custom size pallets
  • Custom crating
  • Plastic pallets
  • Cost effective plastic pallets for exporting
  • ISPM 15 compliant pallets
  • Heat treating service available